Boar's Head Brand® Meets 2012 Sodium Targets

– Sarasota, FL

Boar’s Head, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of deli meats and cheeses, reaffirms its commitment to wellness and its partnership with the National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI) and announced that as of today, it meets the 2012 sodium targets for deli meat and cheese categories.

Boar’s Head was one of the original 16 companies to sign on to the NSRI in 2010 and has already met the 2012 sodium targets set by NSRI for the Boar’s Head core deli cold cut and cheese categories, as well as pepperoni and dry salami, hot dogs, bacon, and condiment categories. One category, uncooked sausage, now meets 2012 sodium targets, completing the commitment to NSRI.

This effort builds on the Boar’s Head longstanding commitment to producing healthy, high quality, great-tasting foods, which include a range of lower sodium options, and have been part of the company’s offerings for over 25 years. 

“Our commitment to offering lower sodium choices throughout our entire deli product line has been a longstanding promise for consumers making sound food choices,” explains Boar’s Head Director of Business Relations, RuthAnn LaMore.  “Best of all, consumers always tell us that our lower sodium products are still very flavorful, and that’s because the pure nature of our high quality meats and cheeses allows their natural flavor to shine through.”

For those looking to reduce daily salt intake, Boar’s Head offers an entire line of lower sodium deli meats and cheeses that deliver on flavor without the added salt. There are dozens of options in the Boar’s Head lower sodium portfolio, including some of the brand's most popular products such as 42% Lower Sodium Deluxe Ham, Golden Classic 42% Lower Sodium Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, No Salt Added Turkey Breast and Gold Label Imported Swiss Cheese.

Having already met the NSRI 2014 NSRI sodium targets for deli cold cuts, Boar’s Head continues to make strides working toward additional sodium reductions to meet 2014 sodium targets in other smaller categories.

“Boar’s Head already met NSRI targets in nine NSRI categories upon committing to the NSRI in 2010, and we applaud them for announcing today that their uncooked sausages will meet lower sodium goals,” said Dr. Thomas Farley, New York City Health Commissioner. “Boar’s Head recognizes the important role that food manufacturers can play in encouraging people to eat healthier, and we congratulate them on their progress.”

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Founded in 1905, Boar's Head has upheld a commitment to unwavering standards for quality for over a century, refusing to take shortcuts that compromise the integrity of its products for the sake of convenience or economy. What started with just a few products has grown to over 500, ranging from premium delicatessen meats, cheeses and condiments to an array of Italian and Old World Delicacies and foodservice items. All Boar's Head meats, cheeses and condiments contain no fillers, by-products, artificial colors or flavors, gluten or trans fat. For more information, visit or



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