Charcuterie Sandwich

All the classic flavor of your charcuterie favorites come together for a sandwich perfect for picnicking. This handheld delight features slices of our smooth Picante Provolone to complement buttery Prosciutto di Parma, robust Genoa Salami and Hot Uncured Capocollo. With an added layer of pepper jelly, this sandwich brings a lovely level of sweet heat. 



  1. Slice the bread loaf in half, lengthwise. On the inside of the top slice, spread half of the pepper jelly, pressing it into the bread.
  2. Spread the remaining pepper jelly on the bottom half of the bread.
  3. Alternating between meat and cheese, layer four slices of provolone over the pepper jelly, followed by prosciutto and salami, then the remaining provolone and capocollo.
  4. Top with baby arugula and peppers, then fold the top half over the sandwich.
  5. Slice the sandwich into even pieces and wrap tightly in deli paper to enjoy on the go.

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