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Day 30

Fresh Today and Every Day

Today is the final day of the Boars Head Fresh Daily Sweepstakes! Celebrate with your favorite fresh-sliced Boars Head products, and remember: fresh tastes better. Good luck!

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Day 29

A Boars Head Picnic

Enjoy time together with the premium quality of Boars Head meats and cheeses, perfect for crafting outdoor-friendly sandwiches, wraps, and more.

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Day 28

Non-GMO Hummus, Exceptional Ingredients

Boars Head Hummus begins with steamed chickpeas, carefully prepared until theyre fork-tender. Then we blend each flavor with premium ingredients like sea salt, olive oil, tahini (crushed sesame seeds), and a variety of savory spices.

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Day 27

Ovengold Turkey Sweet & Spicy Curry Pita

Mix it up at lunch with the unexpected combination of Ovengold Turkey, spicy curry, and sweet cranberries on a pita.

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Day 26

EverRoast Chicken & Brie Waffle Sandwich

With a light and fluffy buttermilk waffle, EverRoast Chicken, and French Brie Cheese, you can make the type of breakfast sandwich youd find at a boutique restaurant - but better, because its Boars Head.

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Day 25

Branded Deluxe Ham & Ovengold Turkey Sandwich

This sandwich remarkably balances the savory tastes of Boars Head Branded Deluxe Ham, Ovengold Turkey, and White Cheddar with fresh romaine lettuce and apples for a refreshingly crisp taste.

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Day 24

Quality Runs in Our Family

At Boars Head, we continue to pass down our favorite recipes from one generation to the next, because we believe the greatest flavors are worth sharing.

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Day 23

Entertain Boldly

Zesty peppers. Savory salads. Fiery sliders. Boars Head Bold presents many creative opportunities to craft an unexpected, globally-inspired menu for any occasion.

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Day 22

EverRoast Chicken, Bacon, and Hummus Sandwich

Made with fresh-sliced EverRoast Chicken, Boars Head Bacon, Hummus, and a mix of fresh greens, this simple sandwich transforms a forgettable lunch into one youll want to remember.

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Day 21

Local Purveyors

At Boars Head, we believe theres only one way to deliver quality: locally. Thats why our products are delivered fresh to delis nationwide through our network of Local Purveyors, individuals with a passion for exceptional service.

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Day 20

Better Spices, Better Flavor

Many Boars Head meats and cheese are made with a medley of quality spices from unique locations across the globe, and all our products are crafted for extraordinary flavor.

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Day 19

Sliced Your Way

Boars Head deli meats and cheeses are always sliced fresh to your personal taste - thick or thin. Because fresh tastes better.

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Day 18

Savor Every Form, Texture, and Flavor

So many choices. So much flavor. No matter which Boars Head Cheese you choose, its sure to deliver extraordinary quality and fresh taste.

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Day 17

Gourmet Wherever You Go

With Boars Head, quality doesnt mean complicated. Choose from our wide variety of premium lunch options to craft something quick and delicious.

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Day 16

Dinner is Served

Craft a sandwich worthy of the dinner table with premium Boars Head ingredients, such as our EverRoast Chicken, Branded Deluxe Ham, and Ovengold Roasted Turkey.

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Day 15

Aspire to a Better Brunch

With Boars Head premium meats, cheeses, and more, you can craft a brunch of uncompromising quality, whether for yourself or family and friends.

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Day 14

Sliced to Perfection

Layered with thin slices of Branded Deluxe Ham, shredded Boars Head Mozzarella Cheese, egg, and medley of garden-fresh ingredients, this breakfast pizza makes every morning feel like the weekend.

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Day 13

Flavors for Every Palate

From Boars Head turkey and hams, to chicken and beef, to our array of artisan cheeses, Old World specialties, hummus, condiments and more, you can count on Boars Head for products made with exceptional care.

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Day 12

Founded in Higher Standards

Five generations ago, our company began with the belief that consumers deserved a better quality ham. Over the years, our company has grown, but our standards for quality have never wavered.

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Day 11

Cransational EverRoast Chicken Salad Croissant

Perfect for lunch on-the-go or a quick meal anytime, this deli-style cranberry chicken salad is even simpler when you have EverRoast Chicken sliced thick at the deli.

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Day 10

Fresh Tastes Better

Boars Head EverRoast Chicken delivers a remarkably smooth and savory flavor to any dish, whether its a sandwich, wrap, panini, or any masterpiece you create.

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Day 9

Exceptional Entertaining, Simplified

Whether served with fresh cut vegetables, pita and pretzels, or any combination of dipping favorites, Boars Head Hummus is perfect for sharing.

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Day 8

EverRoast Chicken & Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Boars Head is proud to offer you this wonderfully flavorful breakfast sandwich, complete with crispy bacon, savory EverRoast Chicken, and a fluffy, buttery croissant.

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Day 7

Ovengold Turkey, Branded Deluxe Ham & Swiss Club

The club sandwich - classic, flavorful, and made better than ever with premium Boars Head ingredients.

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Day 6

The Original
Boar’s Head Ham

In 1933 Frank Brunckhorst introduced our signature Boars Head Branded Deluxe Ham, elevating delicatessen quality to new standards, and weve continued to raise them for generations.

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Day 5

An Effortless Favorite

Boars Head snack boards are so good, they disappear as quickly as theyre made, especially when served with our EverRoast Chicken.

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Day 4

Frank Brunckhorst, Founder of Boars Head Brand

Generations ago, our founder Frank Brunckhorst set out to craft delicatessen products of uncompromising standards by using only the finest ingredients. Today, we continue to honor his legacy by raising our standards time and again.

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Day 3

Exquisite Flavor in Minutes

Handcrafted to our highest standards and expertly seasoned with carrots, celery, onions and a medley of spices, EverRoast Chicken is slow-roasted for such savory, tender flavor, you might say it tastes like home.

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Day 2

Everyone Craves Freshness

Get Boars Head sliced your way at the deli (including the EverRoast Chicken and Monterey Jack Cheese in this recipe) and make these tacos in minutes. That gives you more time to savor them with family and friends.

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Day 1

Exceptional Flavor Guaranteed

EverRoast Chicken, Ovengold Turkey, Branded Deluxe Ham, and more are branded with the Seal of Quality, our way of promising exquisite flavor in every slice.

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