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  • This hoagie reigns supreme with the combination of Boar's Head Ovengold<sub>®</sub>&nbsp;Turkey Breast, Deluxe Low Sodium&nbsp;Roast Beef and Deluxe 42%&nbsp;Lower Sodium Ham.
  • For a delicious and wholesome meal, pair our Deluxe Low Sodium Roast Beef with our Deluxe 42% Lower Sodium&nbsp;Ham and serve in a whole wheat pita.
  • Pair our Deluxe Low Sodium Roast Beef with our Deluxe 42% Lower Sodium Ham&nbsp;and Lacey Swiss Cheese for a midday meal that's good for you and tastes great, too.
  • When you're craving a&nbsp;quick and&nbsp;savory salad, look no further than this recipe that elegantly marries our Deluxe Low Sodium Roast Beef and Lacey Swiss Cheese.


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★ Featured Recipes


Deluxe Low Sodium
Oven Roasted Beef

Top round beef that is coated with salt, pepper and garlic, and then oven roasted until tender and delicious. Sugar free and a good source of iron, we suggest pairing with our Lacey Swiss Cheese.

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