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  • From celebrity Chef Richard Blais, this salad celebrates the joy of the sweet and salty contrast of the dates and our&nbsp;SmokeMaster Beechwood Smoked<sub>™</sub>&nbsp;Black Forest Ham&nbsp;as well as the healthy and textural use of chickpeas and kale. This is a great salad for someone who doesn't think he or she likes kale!<br>
  • This healthy salad serves as a filling main entree or a flavorful side item.
  • This delicious and refreshing sandwich combines the sweetness of Maple Honey Coat™&nbsp;Ham and&nbsp;apples with the savory flavor of American Cheese and onion.
  • From celebrity Chef Richard Blais, this dish is a mashup of two French classics: onion soup and the perfect omelet. With just a few key ingredients, including our&nbsp;SmokeMaster Beechwood Smoked<sub>™</sub>&nbsp;Black Forest Ham,&nbsp;it's a great example of how a simple recipe can still be a crowd-pleasing and delicious dish.<br>


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★ Featured Recipes


Boar's Head American Cheese

The perfect choice for a traditional grilled cheese sandwich or rolled up with Boar’s Head Maple Honey Ham for a delicious, effortless snack.

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