Frequently Asked Questions

American Meat Institute refutes the myths presented in the new film Food Inc. Please click on the link below for more information: (opens in new window)

How do I sign up to receive more information about Boar’s Head products and recipes?

You can click here to sign up for newsletters.

How long has Boar’s Head been in business?

In 1905, Boar’s Head Provisions Co., Inc., began in Brooklyn, NY. Our line of premium meats and cheeses are now available nationwide in fine delicatessens, gourmet stores and select supermarkets. For assistance in locating a retailer near you, contact our Sales Office by calling 941-955-0994 or 888-884-2627 (toll free).

Are any Boar’s Head products made with “pink slime?”

In response to recent inquiries regarding the controversial “pink slime” or lean finely textured beef product, please be assured that Boar’s Head Brand beef items do not contain any of this product or substance. Boar’s Head Brand products are made with only the finest quality, best tasting ingredients including select cuts of beef, pork and poultry.

Can your products be frozen?

We do not recommend freezing our meats and cheeses. Freezing affects both texture and flavor. However, if you do choose to freeze any of our fine products, be sure to defrost under refrigeration.

Are there nutritional brochures available?

You can view our nutritional brochure online by clicking here.For additional nutritional information, please call our customer service department at 1-800-352-6277

What makes Boar’s Head Brand different from other brands of deli meats and cheeses?

Boar’s Head uses only the finest quality raw materials to produce our products. Our deli meats and cheese contain no fillers, gluten, artificial flavors, colors or trans fat.

New Diet Study Contains No New Science

American Meat Institute Foundation Says Red and Processed Meats Are Safe and Healthy Components of a Balanced Diet: (opens in new window)

Please refer to the link below for factual information about the safety of nitrites in processed meats:

Nitrite Information

How long do your deli meats stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Our products are minimally processed. In order for you to enjoy optimum flavor, we recommend that you do not purchase more product than you can consume within three days.

I have sensitivity to particular ingredients. How can I find out which meats contain a particular ingredient?

We have product lists available for people with sensitivities to particular ingredients. Contact us by calling our Nutrition Line at 800-352-6277. We’d be delighted to answer your questions or mail specific information to you.

Do you have Preservative-Free products?

Contact us at our Nutrition Line at 800-352-6277. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and will gladly mail specific product information to you.

Are your products Gluten Free?

All Boar’s Head Brand® Meats, Cheeses and Condiments, as well as Hans Jurgen® Pickles are Gluten Free.Of course we encourage you to always read labels, and check for any specific ingredients your doctor may want you to avoid. Always check the labels on store prepared entrees and sandwiches as they may contain gravies and sauces that contain gluten.If you have any further questions about specific ingredients, or products other than meats, cheeses and condiments, please contact us at our Nutritional Information Line by calling 800-352-6277.