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  • Prepare
a centerpiece dish your holiday guests are sure to remember. Our delicious
Sweet Slice® Ham with Brown Sugar & Spice Glaze is irresistible and
  • Delight guests at
your next gathering with a gourmet spread featuring a variety of Boar’s Head charcuterie
and cheeses. It’s a tasty array of simple-yet-sophisticated flavors that are
guaranteed to please.&nbsp;<br><br>
  • Holiday
comfort food gets even better in this savory casserole starring Boar's Head
Boneless Smoked Sweet Slice® Ham and Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese.
  • The
Spanish flavors of Boar’s Head Manchego Cheese and Chorizo&nbsp;add a decadent and delicious twist to this holiday brunch classic.


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★ Featured Recipes


Sweet Slice® Boneless Smoked Ham

Enjoy the exceptional flavor of a traditional bone-in ham without the bone. Boar’s Head Sweet Slice® Boneless Smoked Ham makes the centerpiece of any holiday table unforgettable.

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