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  • The sweetness of Bold Ichiban Teriyaki™ Style Chicken and the smooth zest of cucumber and carrot slaw combine to take your taste buds on an exotic sandwich experience.
  • Your culinary senses will be enlightened by the rich warmth and sophisticated textures of this delectable noodle bowl.
  • Mix fresh, crisp vegetables like shaved carrots and red pepper with the savory taste of Bold Ichiban Teriyaki™ Style Chicken for an effortlessly delicious flavor journey.
  • Our signature Bold Ichiban Teriyaki™ Style Chicken dish, a contemporary take on timeless Japanese donburi, blends unique textures with sweet, savory flavors. Top with lemon juice and serve with chopsticks for a truly authentic cultural experience.


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★ Featured Recipes


Bold Ichiban Teriyaki Style Chicken Breast

Inspired by the ancient teriyaki cooking style of Japanese master chefs, a single bite of our Boar's Head Bold® Ichiban Teriyaki Style Chicken Breast will take you on a taste adventure.  Coated with a savory teriyaki style glaze with distinct notes of ginger, garlic and a hint of brown sugar, this slicing chicken breast is bursting with flavor.

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