★ Featured Recipes
  • Try pairing our classic American Cheese with our 33% Lower Sodium Bologna for a quick and savory grilled cheese.
  • This healthy salad serves as a filling main entree or a flavorful side item.
  • This delicious and refreshing sandwich combines the sweetness of Maple Honey Coat™ Ham and apples with the savory flavor of American Cheese and onion.
  • If you love Mexican food but dislike the fat and calories, this grilled snack is for you.  It combines tomatoes, basil, Boar's Head 25% Lower Sodium 25% Lower Fat American Cheese with a low-fat tortilla. A few minutes on the grill toasts up the tortilla and melts the cheese.  The result is a warm, crunchy satisfying snack.<br>


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★ Featured Recipes


Boar's Head American Cheese

The perfect choice for a traditional grilled cheese sandwich or rolled up with Boar’s Head Maple Honey Ham for a delicious, effortless snack.

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