Quality Assurance

Food Safety and Product Quality Are Our Primary Concerns.

The Boar’s Head Food Safety Program embraces all guidelines issued by the USDA, as well as many additional precautions implemented in all of our facilities. Our Quality Assurance team of thirty-four professionals directs the following additional precautionary measures:

  1. We perform comprehensive microbiological testing to ensure that all products meet our high quality standards
  2. Boar’s Head never manufactures cooked products where any hog, poultry or beef animals are raised
  3. Employees working in our uncooked product areas are physically separated from those in our cooked product cooking and packaging area: including separate locker and lunchrooms
  4. All employees sanitize their gloves and equipment every time they enter our cooked product areas. Employees leaving the cooked areas for any reason must re-sanitize their gloves/equipment before reentering our facilities
  5. Air entering Boar’s Head facilities is purified by air filtration systems designed to remove potential airborne contaminants
  6. Using an independent certified laboratory, Boar’s Head conducts its own food safety audits at all of our facilities to ensure that our standards are never compromised

At Boar’s Head, our dedication to food safety and product quality standards is given our highest priority. We will continue to work with university researchers across the country to develop state of the art food safety innovations and technologies.