EverRoast® Southwest Egg Rolls

EverRoast® Southwest Egg Rolls

This recipe won the Grand Prize for our "Dare to Prepare" Facebook Contest featuring our EverRoast® Chicken. Check out the ""How to"" video for this flavorful, easy to make recipe on the Boar's Head YouTube Channel. Congratulations Courtney!

  • Cooking Time 30min
  • Difficulty Level intermediate


Please note: Changing serving size does not affect cooking time and directions, which are written for the original serving size.


  1. Dice the Chicken to desired texture.
  2. Whisk egg to use as egg wash and set aside.
  3. Unwrap egg roll wraps and cover with damp paper towels to prevent them from drying out.
  4. Combine all ingredients and blend until all ingredients are distributed evenly.
  5. Lay one egg roll wrapper on a clean surface with one of the pointed edges closet to you. Using a pastry brush, apply the egg wash to the top and right edges of the egg roll wrapper to seal for frying. Place a tablespoon of the mixture one inch in from the point closest to you and roll egg roll style folding the sides in as you go. Make sure all ingredients are tucked into the wrapper to prevent the filling from leaking out during frying.
  6. Heat the peanut oil to 350°F.
  7. Using tongs, gently place the egg rolls into the hot oil turning during the frying process to brown eggroll on all sides.
  8. Once golden brown, remove from the oil and place on paper towels to absorb any excess oil. Allow to cool for two minutes before serving as ingredients may be very hot. Serve with your favorite sauce and enjoy!