EverRoast® Chicken, Quinoa and Tomato Salad

EverRoast® Chicken, Quinoa and Tomato Salad

Try this savory salad as a filling main dish or flavorful side, and enjoy the benefits of gluten-free quinoa, a tasty whole grain full of protein, iron, and fiber.

  • Cooking Time 45min
  • Difficulty Level intermediate
  • Gluten Free


Please note: Changing serving size does not affect cooking time and directions, which are written for the original serving size.


  1. Cut the chicken into quarter-inch dice.
  2. Cook the quinoa according to package directions.
  3. Once cooked, remove from heat, fluff with a fork, and set aside for 10 minutes.
  4. In a small bowl, combine the oil, lime juice, vinegar, garlic, and salt (optional).
  5. After the quinoa has set for 10 minutes, combine the quinoa, chicken, tomatoes, chives, and parsley.
  6. Drizzle the oil mixture over the quinoa salad and sprinkle with pepper to taste.
  7. Mix well and chill. Serve cold.