Why Trust Boar’s Head?

We know what you feed your family is one of the most important decisions you make. That's why we've been unwilling to compromise on quality for over 100 years. But don't take it from us; our amazing consumers and fans have thousands of reasons why they choose to place their trust in Boar's Head. Read their stories of trust below.

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“I trust and like Boar's Head because it is always fresh and tastey and I have enjoyed ever since I was a kid when my mother would pack my lunch. That tradition continues with our kids as well.”
Bill Kelley

“High quality and no artificial processing. It's that simple.”
Alicia Franqui

“Whether it's for a family get-together at the holidays, a party with friends, or an afternoon picnic in the park, Boar's Head consistently provides the highest quality and freshest meat products at affordable prices. That's why I trust Boar's Head as an essential ingredient for any event -- and that "ain't just talkin' turkey"!”
Kyle Tackett

“The amazing flavors, incredible selection and premium quality that Boar's Head provides helps me take my family's favorite meals to the next level. It's easy to trust a product you're passionate about, and for us...Boar's Head is a slice above the rest!”
Shannon Kohn

“No matter where i am in this great usa i can always find and enjoy the best sandwich with Boar Head meats and cheese!”
susan krutsch

“Quality Deli Meat, Boar's Head is premium. Passion in flavor, they won't settle for medium. Family owned and dedicated to their cheese and meat. I only trust Boar's Head to make my sandwich complete!”
Marie Viola

“"B"est "O"utstanding "A"wesome "R"eputable "S"uperior "H"ealthy "E"xcellent "A"ppetizing "Deli"cious”
Andrea Yacyk

“Boar’s Head is the choice for me; the best bet for my family. Delicious taste, above the rest; Boar’s Head uses the very best. No added things to bring me down. Simple ingredients, the best in town. Looking for a brand to trust, then trying Boar’s Head is a must!”
Paul Van Dunk

“My father is 89 and on a sodium restricted diet. Boars Head is the only lunch meat I will trust for my fathers diet. Other lunch meats claimed they where low in sodium and his doctor visits did not show this to be true. We use no other lunch meats for this wonderful man and all our families health. Linda Latshaw”
Linda Latshaw

“My family and I trust Boar's Head because the proof is in the product. Anyone can just say they use the finest ingredients, but with Boar's Head, you can really taste that they do. We especially enjoy Boar's Head Black Forest products and condiments.”
Donna Godoy

“The taste is wonderful, with not too much salt or added ingredients to ruin it.”
Alex Miller

“I trust in Boars Head it's always fresh and it cannot compare to others,it's taste is fantastic.Their products never contain any hormones or fillers. I love my family and only trust in Boars Head to provide them with the highest quality and taste in and nutritional value.”
Debra Gonzalez

“Hi I'm a military wife and mother of two and I can always trust that Boar's Head lives up to what you guys stand for. I've gotten some before at the store that was slimey or tasted funny but not Boar's Head. It's always tasted just how you know it should. Sometimes even better if you add something a little extra. By the by, having a husband on a submarine and two kids in school they need to know what's in the meat drawer at home, and it's always Boar's Head.”
Kristi Waisanen

“They always have quality meats and a large variety to choose. Boar's Head has been around for many many years, my grandmother introduced me to the brand when I was just a little one. Cheryl Schultz jcs312@frontiernet.net”
Cheryl Schultz

“Time after time the quality has never failed. I've been eating boar's Head for decades.”
James H. Lowery

“Not all deli meats are created equal. It takes special quality, freshness, and great taste to rise above the competition. That's why Boar's Head has excelled for over 100 years, and why they continue to be favored by my family and many others. Boar's Head deli meats are always a cut above the rest.”
Jean Claude Roy

“I love the interesting flavor combinations that Boar's Head creates. To save money and help control our weight, my family packs a brown bag lunch including a sandwich made from Boar's Head meats and cheeses everyday. We've tried the store brand deli meats, but they just don't have the same flavors and quality that we've come to appreciate from Boar's Head. Yes, Boar's Head is a little more expensive, but much cheaper compared to dining out. If we are going to eat sandwiches, they are definitely going to be Boar's Head sandwiches.”
kaysie crook

“It was the meat my grandfather loved the most!”
Rita Hatfield

“It is the only turkey that I don't carve myself that I will even consider eating. Because it tastes just as good!!”

“it's the best tasting hands down. been getting it since the 70's. thank you .”
John A Joseph Jr.

“Quality, plain and simple. When a product is made with unstinting attention to quality from start to finish, it shows through.”
Jamey Chiccitt

“I only want the best for my family. It contains no fillers and the taste is second to none!! We only choose to eat Boar's Head because it's the best!!”
Melanie Lovisa

“There is nothing better then Boar's Head Ham! My husband and children love the taste and always know when I switch brands!.”

“The quality is unsurpassed! It is the only brand of lunchmeat everyone in my family buys. We all know it tastes sooo much better than the rest!”
Nicole Bryan

“I used to go to Portland Oregon all the time for work and delivered groceries to stores and I knew which stores carried your product. When I went to those stores I ALWAYS got a sandwich and I loved eating the sandwiches because they were SOOOO GOOD!!!! :-)”
patty harrison