Hummus & Turkey Sandwich Circles

If crust won't cut it, these Hummus & Turkey Sandwich Circles will make your little one's lunch! With American Cheese, Maple Honey Turkey, Traditional Hummus and Yellow Mustard enveloped in crustless bread, these sandwiches are fun to craft and easy to pack. 



  1. Using your press, or a round cookie cutter, lightly press on two slices of bread to outline a circle.
  2. On both pieces of bread, evenly distribute your sandwich ingredients at the center of the "circles," leaving a ¼-inch edge for sealing.
  3. Place the remaining slices of bread on top, then press down and turn– with your press or cookie cutter – to cut through all layers.
  4. If using a cookie cutter, lightly press the edges of the sandwich together using a butter knife to seal.

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