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Pile On The Flavor,
Not The Salt



Pile on the Flavor,
Not the Salt

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At Boars Head, we have always been committed to providing wholesome, nutritious product choices by using the finest ingredients available. Thats why Boars Head offers an entire line of flavorful lower sodium deli meats and cheeses, never compromising on quality or taste.

In 2010, when the National Salt Reduction Initiative was announced, we were in the first group of 16 companies to sign on and we were the first delicatessen products company to join. For us, pledging our commitment was easy. We began meeting the 2012 and 2014 sodium targets for deli meats over 25 years ago. Were honored to be the brand your family trusts for nutrition and flavor.

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Lowering Your
Sodium Intake

Many dont realize that sodium occurs naturally in foods you wouldnt even think of…foods like fresh vegetables, fresh poultry and meat, and even milk and dairy products. Taste alone may not reveal which foods are high in sodium. Its all in your control if you just choose the right foods and take a little extra time in sizing up whats best for you. An important step is to read nutrition labels and compare the sodium content of similar foods.

At Boars Head, our research and development has always been driven to create high quality food. Having lower sodium products is nothing new for us. Since the company began, we have developed our products to serve friends and family plentifully; always with a dedication to eating well.

The taste of Boars Head Brand products comes from the quality of our ingredients – pure pork, turkey, chicken and beef, combined with real spices and no artificial ingredients – making it unnecessary to overuse salt as a flavor enhancer. We are proud to say that our meats, cheeses, condiments and spreads contain no gluten†, artificial colors or flavors, added MSG, fillers, by-products or trans fat*.

†All Boars Head meats, cheeses, condiments and hummus are gluten free.
*No trans-fat from partially hydrogenated oils.

Daily Sodium Intake

Note: 1 tsp Salt = 2,325mg sodium
Source: Dietary Guidelines for Americans Figure 3–1, pg 22.

Did you know?

Choosing lower sodium products that meet health goals without sacrificing flavor is the best of both worlds. Combining Boars Head lower sodium meats and cheese with fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a healthy start.

Choosing the Right Foods for You

Sodium can occur in many foods you didnt even think of – including the freshest of vegetables. Fresh poultry, meat, and even milk contain sodium. Taste alone may not reveal which foods are high in sodium. Its all in your control if you choose the right foods and take a little extra time in sizing up whats best for you.

Skip the Bread

Bread is the biggest contributor of sodium to the American diet, so on occasion, opt for an open-faced sandwich, or skip the bread entirely and have Boars Head lower sodium meats and cheeses on a salad.

Keep the Flavor, Lose the Salt

The full line of Boar's Head lower sodium deli meats and and cheeses are created with the finest quality ingredients and are packed with natural flavor – no need to load up on salt. Try them in our lower sodium recipes or, swap them into your favorite sandwiches or salads to help reduce sodium.

Moderation is Everything

Like everything else, common sense is key. Too much salt can be a true health danger. Balancing Boars Head lower sodium deli meats and cheeses with fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help contribute to a healthy lifestyle.