Lunch Crafted with Love with Boar's Head

With fresh flavors your family loves and the exceptional quality your kids deserve, Boar'Head deli products make back-to-school meal time the easiest part of your routine.

How much should I buy?

Dont worry, weve already done the math homework to save you some time.

*Based on 2.5 oz of meat per sandwich
**Based on 1 slice of cheese per sandwich
1lb Thin Sliced
5 Sandwiches*
1/2lb Thin Sliced
10 Sandwiches**
4 Slices of
2 Slices of
6 Mini

Time-Saver Recipes to Savor

Faster than delivery. Easier than takeout. Tastier than boxed meals. Boar's Head recipes will make mealtime Quick & Easy.


Short & Sweet Desserts

Convenient dessert ideas that are sure to delight. Craft in minutes, and youll have more time to treat yourself.

Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus Popsicles

Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus Smores

Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus S'mores Board

Dark Chocolate Hummus Bites

Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus Frosted Doughnuts

Dark Chocolate Hummus Beignets

Heart Sandwich Cookies with Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus

Double Dark Chocolate Hummus Sandwich Cookies

Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus Dipped Bananas

Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus Trifle

Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus Brownie Bites

Quality that shows you care

When you have exceptional taste and want only the best for your family, Boars Head is the name you can trust. Over a century ago, we established our commitment to the highest quality ingredients, and since then weve made no compromises. Neither should you.

Gluten Free Icon

No Gluten*

No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Caramel Color

No MSG Icon

No MSG added

No Fillers or By-Products

No Trans Fat

*All Boar’s Head meats, cheeses, condiments, and spreads are gluten free. No trans-fat from partially hydrogenated oils.

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