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Honey Smoked Turkey Breast

Lightly smoked and hand coated in golden honey for a delicately smoky and subtly sweet flavor, Boars Head Honey Smoked Turkey Breast has a pleasantly mild and flavorful taste that is sure to be a favorite. 
  • Feingold® Food List
  • Gluten Free
  • Milk Free
  • No Caramel Color
  • No MSG Added
  • No Nitrates or Nitrites Added
  • Raised Without Added Hormones
Nutritional Information

Born in the Big Apple in 1905, Before this Boar's Head fan was even alive A mission of love by founder Frank B. Quality deli products from sea to sea My mom served me Boar's Head way back in the day I gobbled them up and then went outside to play Now as a mom, I serve Boar's Head to my three, Whose current favorite is Honey Smoked Turkey with Baby Swiss Cheese So thank you to Boar's Head, for nourishing my family And now I must end this, as its making me hungry! - See more at:

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These products qualify for inclusion on the Feingold® Association food list for persons on food sensitive diets.

Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork and poultry.

No Nitrates or Nitrites added except for those naturally occurring in cultured celery powder and sea salt.