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Bold BourbonRidge Ham Belgian Waffles

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  1. Heat the waffle
  2. Top the waffle with the ham
  3. Spoon the herb compound butter over the ham
  4. Flash warm the waffle and ham in the oven to start melting the compound butter
  5. Serve with a side of warmed peach conserve
  6. Bourbon Peach Conserve:
  7. Combine the bourbon, IQF peaches, and the peach preserves
  8. Cook the conserve down until the liquid from the peaches is reduced
  9. Allow the conserve to cool completely
  10. Place in a food processor to quickly chop up the peaches
  11. Store in a non-metallic foodsafe container
  12. Herb Honey Compound Butter:
  13. Place the softened butter in a table top mixer with the paddle attachment. Blend until whipped and light.
  14. Add remaining ingredients and mix until fully incorporated
  15. Place whipped butter in parchment paper and from into a log shape
  16. Refrigerate until firm and use as needed