Tea Sandwiches

Between layers of SmokeMaster Ham, American Cheese and the crunch of Kosher Dill Pickle Chips, our bite-sized tea sandwiches add a level of interest to every lunch.



  1. Using a small cookie cutter, cut two small shapes out of each slice of bread to create eight shapes. Set aside.
  2. With the same cookie cutter, cut eight shapes of cheese and eight shapes of ham.
  3. To assemble the tea sandwich, spread a small amount of mayonnaise on a piece of bread, followed by one piece of cheese, a small spread of mustard, one piece of ham, and pickles. Repeat once more, then place the second piece of bread, mayo side down, on top of the sandwich. Use a cocktail pick to hold the tea sandwich in place.
  4. Repeat with the remaining ingredients until all 4 tea sandwiches have been crafted.

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