Flavor Inferno FireSmith Flame Grilled Chicken Panini

Ignite your tastebuds with this loaded sandwich. Bold Fiery Chipotle Gourmaise and jalapeños add a spicy kick to savory FireSmith Flame Grilled Chicken Breast, ensuring that every bite packs a mouthful of delicious flavor.



  1. Preheat an electric panini maker.
  2. Slice ciabatta roll in half, lay both halves of the roll flat on a clean work surface.
  3. Spread Chipotle Gourmaise on inside slices of the ciabatta, then layer the remaining ingredients on top. Top with top slice of the ciabatta bun.
  4. Brush the top and bottom of the sandwich with the olive oil and place in the pre-heated panini maker.
  5. Cook until the cheese is melted, about 3-4 minutes.
  6. Remove sandwich, serve and enjoy!

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