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Italian Charcuterie Board

This antipasto platter featuring a variety of Boars Head charcuterie and cheeses will keep your company tempted before, during and after dinner.




  1. Select a food-safe platter or wood serving board that is flat and large enough to hold the cheeses, meats and accompaniments. Allow cheese to sit out before serving so they are at room temperature for optimal flavor.
  2. Place the mixed olives and artichokes, Marcona almonds and crostini in small serving bowls or vessels, and place on or around the board.
  3. Slice the Canadian Cheddar and Pecorino into triangular shapes or smaller pieces.
  4. Slice the Bianco DOro, Genoa Salami and Chorizo Salami into ¼ inch thick, round slices.
  5. Arrange the meats and cheeses on the board.
  6. Slice two ¼ inch thick slices of the French Brie and place on the board, leaving the remainder, topped with whole cranberry sauce, for individual spreading.
  7. Finish the board by filling in the spaces with the grapes and figs, and serve.

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