Omelet Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese for breakfast? You're not dreaming. This tantalizing breakfast sandwich combines two favorites—a hearty, cheesy omelet and a crispy, buttery grilled cheese—for a dish that is as delicious as it is unique. Filled with melty Colby Jack and Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, it's a creatively craveworthy way to start your day. 



  1. Mix beaten eggs, shredded cheese, bacon, salt and pepper in a medium bowl until well-combined.
  2. Cut and remove the center of 2 of the slices of bread, so that only the crust remains.
  3. Over medium heat, melt butter in a large pan. Then add bread slices to the pan, filling each with the egg mixture.
  4. Let cook for about 3 minutes, then flip each slice. Cook for another 3 minutes.
  5. Place the slices of Colby Jack Cheese on top of 1 slice of bread.
  6. Top each with a whole slice of bread, then cover the pan. Allow cheese to melt.
  7. Remove the omelet from the pan and serve.

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