Robust Italian Chicken Sausage Hero

Turn a backyard classic into a new family favorite. Our authentic Robust Italian All Natural Chicken Sausage and Imported Switzerland Swiss Cheese are grill masterpieces. The authentic Italian flavors will have you coming back for seconds. 



  1. Open the Boars Head Robust Italian All Natural Chicken Sausage packages and place them on a cutting board.
  2. Grill the Robust Italian Chicken Sausage as desired.
  3. Lightly grill your hot dog buns until they are toasted.
  4. Slice your vegetables into strips and place on the grill to soften.
  5. Once cooked, line your grilled buns with the onions, peppers and Boars Head Imported Swiss Cheese.
  6. Place the Chicken Sausage links into buns on top of the vegetables and cheese.

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