Charcuterie Cones

These individually-sized appetizers will take your next gathering up a notch. All the elegance of charcuterie comes together in a handheld cone featuring creamy Picante Provolone, buttery Prosciutto di Parma, soft Chévre Goat Cheese and a medley of tasty bites. 



  1. Evenly distribute a small layer of mixed nuts at the bottom of each cone.
  2. Top with even amounts of provolone and gruyere wedges.
  3. Wrap one slice of prosciutto, each, around 6 of the grissini breadsticks, then place one wrapped breadstick in each cone.
  4. Thread one olive on each cocktail pick, followed by folded salami and sopressata, repeat to create five more skewers and place one in each cone.
  5. On another cocktail pick, alternate pieces of dried apricot and goat cheese slices, starting and ending with the apricot to keep in place. Repeat and place one in each cone.
  6. Place remaining grissini sticks in each cone and dress with fresh thyme stems.
  7. Serve!

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